Research Institute

MagmaChem Research Institute’s purpose is two fold:

1.  To be the vehicle that funds continued development and testing of the MagmaChem Layered Earth Model and associated exploration tools, and

2. To create a legacy of books, memoirs, maps and publications that communicate the MagmaChem Model to future generations in the hope that it will form the basis of a new vision for the planet Earth.

The implications of this model that has developed over 20 years are enormous and some of which are summarized below:

MagmaChem is a layered earth model based on a tiered logical framework and classification that empirically describes the geologic process of fractional differentiation of chemical mass by relating the composition of igneous rocks to the composition of mineral deposits and petroleum accumulations. The classification groups igneous rocks into magma-metal series families that integrate to a global geotectonic earth model. Implications include a new perspective on plate tectonics, the discovery of the earth’s tectonic equator and the recognition of a global system of faults that link oceanic crust to continental crust and the process of serpentinization, which is hydration of athenospheric and lithospheric peridotite by the hydrosphere. Serpentinization addresses long standing geodynamic and elemental mass balance questions, and contributes to our understanding of the carbon cycle and hydrogen balance, origin of oil and gas, emergence of life, and fundamentals of global warming.

 The model has been developed by two US scientists and a core purpose of the institute is to form a non-profit business that will assist in communicating, popularizing and institutionalizing this conceptual model.   The benefits seen by the scientific community to the greater world understanding are beginning to be taken up by the broader scientific community and this non-profit institute can accelerate the acceptance and expansion of these theories.  A key result of the institute will be the financial sponsorship of a text book that will document this model and expound the theories of Magma Chem.

The model provides a new scientific paradigm structural and chemical layered earth reference frame for geologic systems similar to what Plate Tectonics Theory did 40 years ago. Kinematic and dynamic mechanical analysis of structures can be related to fluid flow through mapping of elemental dispersal patterns in hydrothermal plumes and used as an exploration tool in the search for metal and petroleum resources.  This is a fundamental shift in the concept of the Earth and this institute will be founded toward furthering the factual basis behind this theory.  The classification has been used to appraise the resource endowment of regions and countries and to establish a natural baseline and recognize anomalous geochemical environmental patterns.  This classification could now be used by governments and private sector to appraise regional resource accumulations and conduct socio-economic planning.

Development of the MagmaChem Model has been funded primarily by the private sector (e.g., the mineral and oil and gas industries) with secondary funding from the public sector (e.g., United State Geological Survey). The natural progression of this work is to now become a non-profit and complete the documentation and expand the integration of this model into the broader and non-scientific community. More that 148 published and 182 unpublished works have been written and this non-profit would now have one major focus of completing a text book and other key summary documents that will be approachable to the general public.