Consulting Services Offered by MagmaChem

Mineral Exploration (Prospect Scale)

1. MagmaChem screens prospects early in an evaluation to determine if the prospect’s ultimate economic potential is consistent with the objectives of the client. This is done through various MagmaChem tools such as: trace element geochemistry of mineralization, and whole rock geochemistry of associated igneous rocks. MagmaChem’s empirical determination of ultimate economic potential dramatically lowers risk.

2. Once it is determined that a prospect has favorable economic potential MagmaChem defines drill targets through its geochemical vectoring tool. This tool is used to map the hydrothermal fluid plume that carried and deposited the metal. Geologic mapping and integration of all geological and geophysical data in light of kinematic structural analysis provides a 3-D model of the system and reduces the number of drill holes required to test the system.

The above approach to mineral exploration has directly contributed to the discovery of 21 economic mineral deposits on 3 continents. An invested of $100 million in development and application of the MagmaChem exploration technology  beginning in 1983 resulted in the discovery of $65 billion worth of metal by MagmaChem’s major mining company clients.

Mineral Deposit Development and Operations

Mineral system development and operation costs are reduced through MagmaChem’s 3-D models of mineral systems.  The distribution of 64 elements and the structural control that is consistent with actual ore body composition and structure is invaluable to development and operations. MagmaChem’s accurate determination of the distribution of metal, mineralogy and accessory elements in an ore body improves metallurgy and environmental decisions and planning.

MagmaChem has developed world-wide mineral exploration data bases that includes: regional

magmatic arcs, mineral belts, mineral districts  plate tectonic models and ore deposit structural control. It has a data base of 12,000 mineral deposits all classified by MagmaChem and economically risked.

MagmaChem Tools and Services

Determination of a prospect’s economic potential

Initial geochemical sampling

Deposit type classification

Risk analysis

Drill Testing

Data compilation

Geologic mapping

Geophysical interpretation

Structural kinematic analysis

Geochemical sampling/ vectoring

Data integration

Target generation