About MagmaChem

Who We Are

MagmaChem is a mineral and petroleum research/exploration consortium of companies and associates founded in 1983 by Stan Keith and Monte Swan. The core concept of MagmaChem is the Magma-Metal Series Classification of Igneous Rocks and Mineral Deposits, based on a global petrochemical database compiled over a 30-year period. The classification integrates to a global geotectonic layered-earth (source) model and the geologic process of fractional differentiation of chemical mass.

What We Do

More than $115 million dollars invested in the development and application of MagmaChem has directly contributed to the discovery of 21 economic gold-copper-silver deposits and a geothermal system on 3 continents–worth more than $65 billion. This investment has also funded the successful application of MagmaChem to 16 petroleum case histories.

Our Mission

To reduce mineral deposit and petroleum exploration risk through MagmaChem technology. To appraise the resource endowment of regions and countries for governments and the private sector, thereby enhancing socio-economic planning. To institutionalize and popularize the MagmaChem Earth Model through MagmaChem Research Institute. With more that 148 published and 182 unpublished technical works already written by MagmaChem, the institute will facilitate the completion of a text book and other key summary documents that will be both technically document the model and be approachable to the general public.

Our Vision

To continue advancing MagmaChem technology and contribute to humankind’s understanding of mineral deposits, petroleum, the carbon and hydrogen cycle, and the emergence of life.